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In Nebraska, the law allows you to expunge (meaning erase or seal) various criminal records, including arrests that never resulted in a conviction, juvenile criminal records, some DNA evidence, and pardons. Additionally, criminal convictions for a variety of offenses can be set-aside (meaning nullified) through the legal process. The law may entitle you to an expungement or set-aside, but only if you take action. Michael Sands is an experienced, Nebraska expungement attorney handling expungements for a flat fee in just 3 easy steps.

Free Expungement Eligibility Check.

Contact Michael Sands and he will promptly respond to conduct your free eligibility check. There's no cost and no risk.

Flat fee.

Hire Michael Sands to handle your Nebraska expungement from beginning to end by paying one flat fee of $499 — with no hidden charges — and Michael Sands will handle the rest.

Fast Filing Guarantee.

You deserve to have your expungement filed within days, not months. Michael Sands guarantees he will file for your expungement fast — within 10 business days of paying the flat fee, or your money back.

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The Law Office of Michael J. Sands, PLC functions as a general law practice offering clients advice and representation in the areas of Family Law, Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning. Mr. Sands was a 2008 graduate from Creighton University School of Law. Prior to starting his own practice, Mr. Sands served as In-House Counsel for an Omaha based Fortune 500 Company. Prior to working as In-House Counsel, Mr. Sands was a Prosecutor for the Douglas County Attorney’s Office. After working in both of these environments, Mr. Sands is committed to providing an excellent client experience through offering logical advice and perspective.

Mr. Sands grew up in Delhi, IA, and currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska. He is an active member of both the Iowa and Nebraska Bars and currently sits on the board of directors for the Iowa State Bar Review School. Mr. Sands enjoys working out, watching college football with friends, playing golf, and spending time with his family, especially his wife Tara and dog Lola.

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